Top DIY Home Improvement Tips

Before embarking on DIY home improvements it is always advisable to get advice from one of the experts. You can do this by inviting an interior designer or a realtor over to your home for an inspection. Most realtors will offer this service as a courtesy but designers will probably charge you a consultation-fee of around $100 an hour. Just remember to use this time wisely and take notes. Even the smaller suggested improvements like paint colors or even your furniture placement can definitely contribute to the way your home feels and looks. Below are a few home improvement tips to get you started.

Home Improvements Under $100

Tip One: Inspect It

Not all your home improvements will be cosmetic. When it comes to outdated electrical-systems, termite infestations and deteriorating roofs, you won’t be able to fix these if you are not aware of the problem. For this reason you should consider hiring a professional inspector to examine the areas in and around your home that you usually wouldn’t. Small issues such as a water leak that is hidden can become a very expensive and big issue very quickly when repairs are put off.

Tip Two: Paint

One of the more cost effective and simple improvements to a home would be a coat of paint. Rooms that have been freshly painted not only look updates but also more clean that translates into value. Typically speaking, one gallon of a good-value paint will cost about $25 that will leave you with enough cash to invest in brushes, drop clots, painter’s tape and good quality rollers. So invest a few gallons and start your DIY project to paint your house from top to bottom.

Tip Three: Find Some Inspiration

One easy way to save money and is a value for money alternative to hiring a professional designer is to look for decorating or remodeling ideas on various online websites, TV shows, books or magazines dedicated to this trade. Magazines are a great way to begin your to-do-list and you can tear out the pages that give you the most inspiration. Remember to try and keep things simplified especially when you are working on a very tight budget.

Tip Four: Cut Down On Your Energy Costs

The amount that you spend on an annual basis when it comes to your energy costs often seems like an amount that is usually fixed. However, various utility companies in your local area will offer an energy audit that is free to their existing customers. They will also be able to provide you with the best way maximize on your energy efficiency. When your home is energy efficient you not only save more money on your overall utility bills but your home will hold more value when it comes to potential home buyers.

Home Improvements That Cost Between $100 and $200

Tip One: Plant A Tree

If you are not planning to put your house on the market anytime soon, now is a good time to plan for your future with a few landscaping improvements. You may want to consider planting a shade tree that will make your property far more desirable once the tree is fully grown. In addition, when placed in a strategic position, the tree can assist in reducing your cooling costs in the summer months between 20 to 40%. A matured landscape also contributes to a better environment and can provide the habitat for important wildlife while adding that additional curb-appeal to your house.

Tip Two: Low Maintenance Landscapes

There are no questions about the fact that colorful plants and shrubs will add value to your existing home. However, when you decide to pay a visit to your garden center ensure that you are always thinking “green.” This involves buying plants that either drought-tolerant or native to the region that will require far less maintenance and less water. This will result in more savings to you and a way to contribute to the environment. Ask an expert in this field to assist you in choosing plants that suit your budget and will offer you with the most bang for your buck.

Tip Three: Add In Money Saving Luxuries

When it comes to water here is another tip to add value to your home and benefit your health. Invest in a water-filtration system that will be positioned in your kitchen. You deserve only pure water and you can end up saving on your current grocery bills by not having to purchased bottled water every month. This luxury is actually an inexpensive addition to your home and will really add that little bit more value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Tip Four: You Don’t Need To Do A Full Renovation

You can sink a lot of money into kitchens and bathroom renovations but there are some lower cost shortcuts that you can take and still have a great looking result. For instance, in your bathroom you can replace your tired shower screens and mirrors for stunning results. In your kitchen do a re-face i.e. just changing the doors and benches can have the same effect for a quarter of the price.

When it comes to DIY projects, do a bit of research before the time and know what you are doing before you get started.