Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

Do you own a carpet cleaning company and need a new commercial carpet cleaning machine? Since the majority of your company’s reputation is based on how well you can clean the carpet, choosing the right commercial machine is very important. Providing a quality rug or carpet cleaning is how you build your business. One satisfied customer will tell another, and these referrals will help your business grow. So how do you know which machine to choose? You want to purchase one that will provide high-quality cleaning, but which will fit within your budget. The most popular type of commercial carpet cleaning machine is the portable extractor like the Rotovac.


The portable extractor is the type of commercial carpet cleaning machine which you can lift out of your truck and take into the residence or facility where you are cleaning carpets. These types of commercial machines are also known as steam cleaners, portable carpet cleaning machines, portable extractors, and carpet cleaners.

As you begin to look at new machines, you will discover that there are literally thousands of machines available. The primary differences between these machines are the size of the motor, the power of the pump, the size of the tank, and the body type. You can also consider the brand of portable carpet cleaning machine since some brands have superior reputations.

One of the most important features is the size of the motor. The stronger, more powerful the motor, the better the machine will vacuum. Most portable cleaning machines have either a two-stage or a three-stage motor. The more powerful is the three-stage vacuum motor which required two cords. Using a portable cleaning machine with a three-stage motor requires less physical strength than one with a two-stage motor.

The next feature to consider is the size of the pump. The pump sprays the carpet cleaning solution onto the carpet and the stronger the PSI from the pump, the harder the force. More force means better cleaning.

Most portable carpet cleaning machines will have two tanks. One is the solution tank where the carpet cleaning solution is stored and the other is the recovery tank where the liquid vacuumed from the carpet is stored. Commercial carpet cleaning requires large tanks so that you are not continually having to fill or empty the tanks. Most professional or commercial tanks are at least 12 gallons in size.

While the heater is often an optional feature on commercial carpet cleaning machines, it can be a big help in providing a quality job. The heater allows the carpet cleaner to do a quicker job with better results. Carpet cleaning solution dissolves better in hot water and it is easier to remove dirt and debris from the carpet with hot water.

The last feature to consider is the type of body on the commercial carpet cleaning machine. They will usually come with an aluminium or plastic body. While plastic may be lighter, aluminum will last longer.

You need to choose commercial carpet cleaning machines which will do the best job. Consider each of the features mentioned to select a machine that will help your company grow.